Terms & Conditions

It is accepted that a Customer agrees with the following Terms & Conditions of Kosta Clean Ltd.
if he/she confirms to accept a given quotation and wants to proceed with the booking, no matter if is
done via email, phone call, one of the contact forms in our website. We are registered in England
and Wales Under company number 15565371.

You can find below the Terms and conditions that are valid after you book a Professional cleaning service in London with us.

1.1. In these Terms of Business, the following definitions are valid:

“The Company”, “We”, “Us” – means

Kosta Clean Ltd / Company Number 15565371.

“Cleaner”, “Cleaning Operative” – understood as the technician or firm / contractor providing cleaning service on the behalf of the Company.

“Customer” – understood as anyone or a corporate body joined by all subsidiary or related company as defined by the Companies Act 2006 to whom the cleaning service are supplied by the Company.

“Customer’s Address” – understood as the exact address where the Client wants the cleaning job to be arranged.

“Service”, “Regular Weekly Cleaning”, “Spring Cleaning”, “Office Cleaning” – understood as the cleaning services organised and done on behalf of the Company.

“Cleaning Visit” – understood as when an operative goes to the customer`s house/flat so he/she can provide the needed cleaning.

1.2. If the context does not require anything else. reference to the singular include the plural and references to the masculine include the feminine and vice versa.
1.3. All titles and headlines here in the Terms are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.


2.1 These Terms and Conditions are to be applied like a contract between Kosta Clean Ltd and the Client.
2.2 Everyone that is a part of this agreement should make sure that all responsibilities are undertaken in terms of all statutory regulations and codes of conduct.
2.3 The client confirms to agree and accept our Terms and Conditions if there is a placed order with us by phone, live chat, email correspondence or website forms for request.
2.4 If not confirmed and approved differently and in writing by a Manager of the Company, these Terms and Conditions take over any other terms and conditions shown/provided by the Client.
2.5 Anything different from these Terms and Conditions will not be accepted until it is approved in writing by a manager of the Company.


3.1. The accurate quotation for a carpet steam cleaning service is formed per square meter or depending on the different size of the rooms and the fabric of the carpet.
3.2. The Company forms and shares a quote after receiving a request from the client and this quote could be approved and proceeded with for a period of 30 days after firstly creating it.
3.3. We are authorised to accordingly change / amend the provided price if the client changes his/her requirements.
3.4. If there is some difference in the price, which Is more than 10%, it will be discussed with the customer before starting with the job.


4.1. All shown prices are with already included VAT.


5.1. All cleaning materials, liquids and equipment will be provided by the company.
5.2. It is mandatory the customer to provide running hot water and electricity in the house/flat where the service should be provided.


6.1 The payment needs to be done either by – cash, card or by bank transfer prior the cleaner leaves the property of the client.
6.2 Tips will be well accepted by our teams and really appreciated, but this is not ‘’a must.’’
6.3 The Company is authorised to apply an additional fee for non-paid Invoices with more than 14 days and to amend the rate of 8% per annum above the Bank of England base rate under the Late Payments Act.
6.4 An order can be cancelled and back charged additionally if untrue or misleading information was given in order for the client to receive a discounted price or if the order is not possible to be done for a reason.
6.5 If a service was moved for another date / time, the payment for it should be done in up to 14 days after the invoiced date.
6.6 The given price or rate per hour (if the service is charged that way) should remain the same as the company / it`s representative gave it and it shouldn`t be changed or amended by the customer under no circumstances.


7.1. The customer is allowed to cancel a booking with 48 hours notice in advance for that with no consequences. If the booking was done on a very short notice with less than 48 hours until it takes place, the customer does not have the right to cancel the booking without being charged a fee for that. If the service is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, we have a cancellation fee that is 30% of the booked price. But if this service happens to be being re-scheduled for another date/time, no fee will be added.
7.2. The Company will add an administration fee equal to £ 70.00 or 30% of the service`s full rate (depending on the cancellation timing) if there is less than 48 hours before the day of the service.
7.3. The client has to pay in full in case:

7.3.1 We do not have access to the customer`s property that is not our companies’ fault. If the cleaning team is not allowed to do their job. If keys should be given to the team and a problem with opening all locks occurs;
7.3.2 If it happens the customer to want to re-schedule the service after our cleaning team arrives, travel expenses must be covered by him/her.

7.4. If any change in the date or time of the booking Is needed or requested by the person who did the booking, we will do everything that is possible to meet that request, however any amendments needed should be advised 48 hours prior the day of the booking and are subject of availability.


8.1. A Refund can be agreed to only if:

8.1.1 The Customer wanted to cancel a booked service with the needed notice of at least 48 hours before it took place.
8.1.2 A worker of ours did not provide the booked cleaning due to a reason that is not a responsibility of the customer.
8.1.3 According to Consumer Rights Act 2015 a price reduction is to be arranged if a secondary visit cannot be done in an acceptable timeframe – this means up to 14 business days after the completion of the initial booking.


9.1. If a complaint or feedback is provided – we need this to be done in writing (via email) and photographic evidence and understandable description of the problems to be included. This should be done in a reasonable timeframe after finishing the service (meaning up to 48 hours afterwards).
9.2. All cleaning services are accepted as provided up to the professional standard unless a written complaint in a reasonable timeframe after the service completion (48 hours) with a complaint is received. If there is – we will lead a full investigation to re-do the mentioned to a satisfactory level for the client if possible or at least to a reasonable level.
9.3. The client confirms that he/she will let the Company in again to do a repeated session or to repair any missed/damaged areas / items, before initiating a cleaning himself or trying to organise a different company to do the cleaning or repair services for the discussed matter. If the customer fails to do so, the Company will consider the problem as settled.
9.4 As per the Consumer Rights Act 2015, another attempt for the same cleaning can be sought if it is proven fare and if it is not against the Company’s requirements for a professional performance of the service.
9.5 According to Consumer Rights Act 2015, the cleaning must be handled carefully and with the needed professional skills. Although, In case it is against the Company`s requirements for a professional providing of the job, the Company won`t be responsible for any following issues.


10.1. The client agrees he/she is informed that due to the specifics of the cleaning services the Company can guarantee correction of any reported problems only if they were shared within 48 hours after the completion of the cleaning. If this condition was not present, the Customer is not eligible for a repeated complimentary service to resolve the problems.
10.2. It is likely for the Company to require access to the property on a very short notice in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
10.3. The Customer accepts to check the level of cleaning of our team straight after its completion so we can rectify any issues immediately while still on site, in order for the Customer`s expectations to be fully met if possible.
10.4. If the Customer or a person authorised by him is not present at the property after the service`s completion to review the work done, then no claims regarding cleaning issues can appear.
10.5. If the Customer wants a third party to check the cleaning level, then the Company must be aware of that in advance before the completion of the cleaning.
10.6. If a third party checked or failed to check the property right after the cleaning was completed, then our Company cannot and will not be responsible for any pointed issues not mentioned on time.
10.7. If the Client wants to make any corrections to be done or any type of refund, this must only be taken directly to Us and it is a subject of approval.
10.8. The customer cannot decline the payment issued by his card or to decline a Bank transfer payment.
10.9. Our workers always work very carefully in order not to damage/brake any personal items, anyway unfortunately accidents are possible sometimes. We always do everything possible to provide similar / identical replacements but this cannot be always guaranteed. Because of that, we advise at all times all personal monetary and sentimentally valuable items to be taken away and not accessible for our cleaners to access / clean.
10.10. If there is a damage proven to be done by our workers, the Company will do everything to repair /restore it /its value. If this is not possible, we will resolve the issue by crediting the customer with the item`s monetary value after a payment for the provided service was done.
10.11. The Company cannot be held responsible for damaging any poor installations or any old/ worn out / already damaged items. Also all surfaces like granite, marble, wood and so on are presumed to be prepared for cleaning (sealed) without causing any harm.
10.12. If the customer has an unpaid amount to use, delayed with more than 14 days, no claims can be done.


11.1 Our Company will answer under no circumstances for losses, expenses, damages, delays, costs or compensation (either if direct, indirect or consequential) that could be experienced by the Customer arising from or in any way connected with:

11.1.1 If it is impossible to provide services due to factors that are not in its control. This could be acts of floods, severe weather condition, and inability to get access to the property, lack of appropriate resources, such as (hot) water, electricity, and lighting;
11.1.2 Late arrival of the Company’s workers at the booked address. Our cleaners always try to be exactly on time at all appointments but at times because of transport and other issues which are definitely not in the Company’s control, the Company’s workers might arrive with a delay or the cleaning service might need to be re-scheduled.
11.1.3 A previously existing damage to Customer’s property like old stains/burns/spillages etc. that cannot be cleaned/removed in full by the teams using the professional cleaning ways;
11.1.4 Non satisfactory result of the cleaning because the Customer or third party walked on wet floors or used appliances during or shortly after the cleaning service;

11.2. The Company cannot answer or be responsible for damages worth £ 40.00 or less than that.
11.3. The Company cannot answer for any odours arising during and/or after the cleaning when this is due to factors such as, lack of ventilation, and/or appropriate heating.
11.4. The Company cannot answer under any circumstances for losses, expenses, damages, delays, costs or compensation (no matter if direct, indirect or consequential) that may be experienced by the Customer if the Customer has an unpaid amount with the Company delayed with 14 days or more from the date when the payment was due.


12.1. If the Customer needs key/s to be collected from our operative from an address that is with a different Post code from the booked one that needs cleaning, then a £ 10.00 fee will be added. The charge will cover only the pickup of key/s. If the key/s need to be returned back to the pickup address or any other address additional charge of £ 5.00 will be applicable.
12.2. If an approximate timing for how long it will take the cleaners to finish cleaning is provided, this can only be taken as an estimate based on the average time it takes to clean a property of similar size to the Customer’s, it is very difficult to estimate precisely how long such tasks may take and that a degree of flexibility may be required.
12.3. The clearing of debris left by tradesman or building work is not part of the quotation unless otherwise stated and requested if possible.
12.4. Our cleaners can attempt to move furniture however, Due to Health and Safety regulations they will attempt so only with furniture that require no more than one person to lift/move them freely.
12.5.The Company will provide a replacement cleaner as soon as possible if an operative is not able to attend on a scheduled visit. We will accordingly inform the Client in advance. The time might vary due to the limited notice and the needed rearrangements.
12.6. All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or stored away.
12.7. The Customer should ensure that all valuables are stored away when the work is provided and that the property is watched by the Customer or his representative at all times until the completion of the job. The Company will not answer for the Customers failure to comply with this obligation.
12.8. The provisions of this contract are not intended to confer any benefit upon Third parties and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, are hereby expressly excluded from this agreement.
12.9. The Company saves the possibility to arrange changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice. The Company may include or alter these Terms and Conditions from time to time and any alterations or additions will apply to new business but not to existing contracts. Please refer to your copy of these Terms and Conditions.


13.1 All clients of the Company will be provided with a one-time credit of £ 10.00 for referring our upholstery cleaning service to another client. The credit will be released after we receive cleared funds from the new Customer.


14.1 These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England, and Wales.
14.2 These Terms and Conditions are in regulation of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and are not in imbalance in the parties’ rights or obligations under the contract.
14.3 The Terms are transparent for the purposes and expressed in plain and intelligible language and are legible.
14.4 The Terms are prominent for the purposes of the section and brought in such a way that a consumer would be aware of them.
1.3. The Headings contained in these Terms are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.

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